The vas majority of people arrested for Drunk Driving in Brooklyn are stopped by the police because of an alleged traffic infraction. The police officer will approach your car and ask you for your license and registration. If the police officer alleges that he smells alcohol on your breath, you are halfway to jail. The police officer will ask you if you have been drinking. If he claims that you answered in the positive you will be arrested for DWI. The NYPD receives very little training when it comes to DWI stops and arrests.

All the officer is looking for is any hint of alcohol use and you will be arrested for Drunk Driving. You will then be put in the back of the police vehicle. You will also be given a breathalyzer in the street. These are breathalyzers that police have in their cars and are completely unreliable. After this is done you will be transported to the local precinct and asked to take another breathalyzer test and be given a chance to do physical tests.

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